Baby Watson Quilt

B&W quilt 2

This quilt is made for a newborn soon to arrive.  Babies like to focus on black and white images, so I created this floor quilt for playtime.  Thinking it might just be a bit over-stimulating at times, I put a soft blue polka dot on the back so the stimulation can easily be tuned down.  I wanted to put town and road fabric on the back so the quilt could be used as a play mat when Baby Boy gets older, but shucks, couldn’t find town and road fabric at the last minute – so much for my planning!  Also – I didn’t have a pattern for the front of this quilt, so it’s a bit, shall I say, “folksy”.

The photo looks a little pinkish and grayish here and there and that is just shadow and reflection from the wood floor onto the photograph – oops! The quilt actually looks very black and white.


Update: Here is little Cameron enjoying his quilt!979717_10200465582175573_940499849_n



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