A Summer Wedding Quilt

When my niece Ellie announced her upcoming wedding, I knew I wanted to make Ellie and her beloved a quilt. My daughter Meg and I settled on a pattern from the book, Modern One-Block Quilts, by Natalia Bonner and Kathleen Whiting.

IMG_6710The pattern we chose is “Criss-Cross”. This pattern was sure to please Ellie’s interior decorating style of simple whites. We loved the two lines crossing, symbolic of two lives joining in marriage. However, the pattern was a more complicated than I thought it would be, but thankfully, I had some expert help on cutting out the pattern pieces.



Restyled Bookcases

The bookcases in the living room have been a focal point, however they have also become a stashing place, where extra books are simply stashed on top of others, new frames of family have been set in front of existing frames, while older ones have been pushed to the back. The effect has been busy, haphazard, and lacking in soothing appeal. Here is a before photo taken at Christmas.



First I consulted images of book cases on Pinterest, and filed away ones that appealed to me. Then, I emptied all the shelves, and gave them a badly needed dusting. We pushed the three shelves together, making a more unified look, as though it is one piece rather than three. Then came the process of purging unwanted books, and placing objects and books in a less cluttered and more pleasing manner. Here is the finished look:



Woodie added this detail, which gave us both a laugh:



So now I was on a roll. I had another bookcase around the corner that was even in worse shape of stashing books with no attention to creativity.  My granddaughter had recently visited, and as I was putting away her toys, I thought it might be nice to devote these shelves to children’s toys and books – a special place for her things when she visits.

imageIt feels good to start the New Year with clean, rearranged spaces that invite reflection and playfulness. Now, I’m heading out for a walk on this beautiful first day of 2015!

A Quilt for a New Graphic Artist

My niece graduated from Western Washington State University in Graphic Arts this past weekend. I wanted to mark this accomplishment with a special quilt for her. This quilt is from a pattern in We Love Color, edited by Susanne Woods. The quilt is called “Color Frames” designed by Amy Ellis. I changed the colors up a bit to reflect some current popular pantone colors. ImageImageImageImage